坵ith Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar.There ▓could be even bigger achievements ahead for BeiDou, whi▓ch has an annual turnover of $31.5billion, could even overtake GPS in global usage once it is co▓mpleted and all 35 of its satellites ▓are in operation, which is scheduled to happen▓ in 2020. According to China Satellite Navigation Office, it will be more accurate than ▓GPS.Health check systemAnother of the highlights w▓as a machine that is used in remote areas of the country that can test users for health problems. Users stand on scales and have some scans on their arms and hands to determine any issues. When the user scans their ID card, the user’s local hospital can then be informed of any problems.The machine, manufactured in Xianyang, Shaanxi province, has been▓ in use for one year; it is currently used ▓in northwest China's Qinghai and Gansu ▓provinces. The system has huge potential to monitor users’ health conditions▓ and resolve any medical issues as soon as possible, whil▓e they are still treatable.3D printing machineAnother popular exhibit was


a 3D printing machin▓e that could recreate intricate patterns and designs using mashed potato in a matter of moments. This i▓s just a simple demonstration of how impressiv▓e and efficient 3D printing can be. And China, as one the biggest manufactu▓ring countries in the world, has embraced 3D printing▓, with sales of 3D printers accelerating in the la▓st few years; it is estimated that ▓sales will surpass 20,000 by 2020. Though t▓he industry is still developing in China, several companies around th

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